Markigy: The Science of Marketing Strategy

Marketing is evolving faster than ever. As trends come and go, it's becoming harder to decide which strategies are effective at generating revenue.
As marketers, we are constantly bombarded with new tools and strategies that we imagine will help us improve our results.
It can be difficult to sort through all of the options and figure out which ones will actually work for our business.
We often default to comparing our own strategies to what others in our industry are doing- it will save us time anyways, right?
Well, actually no, it doesn’t.
This may save time in the short term, but long term, it prevents us from developing truly creative and customer-centric solutions for our business
We imagine a world where more marketers are taking informed strategic risks AND measuring ROI. We believe the two are not mutually exclusive! We want to empower you to try new strategies and break past the mindset of finding the “perfect” strategy.
We believe to become an extraordinary marketer, you can’t use ordinary methods or ordinary ways. We are action-oriented, "growth" marketers, open to experimenting and learning. We are risk takers that believe in long term wins for the customer equals long term wins for our business too.
How? Human. Centric. Marketing. The combination of where science, creativity, and strategy meet, or as we also like to call it: “Markigy”. [This episode was produced and brought to you by Reignite Media].